THE PARADISE NEWS is an Online Newspaper for Politics, Metro, Education, Sports, Business, Health, Tech, Entertainment, Lifestyle, History and more. We provide you with the best of original and curated (aggregated) news across the world.

THE PARADISE NEWS started in November 2015 as CALABAR REPORTERS. The name was later changed to THE PARADISE NEWS in May 2019 with website address, It is published by PARADISE MEDIA VENTURE, registered with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number 2907889.

Our goal is to provide you with original content, curated/aggregated content pulled from well-established news platforms across the world and to deliver it through a digital platform (website) that is easily accessible anywhere, anytime and at a faster rate.

We deliver up to date and round the clock news 24/7.


1. Frank Ulom, Managing Director/Editor-in-chief.

2. Ben Nsemo, News Editor

3. Kelvin Obambon, News Editor

4. Ogar Monday, News Editor

5. Ovat Abeng, Reporter

6. Obeten Godfrey, Reporter

7. Haruna Gideon, Reporter

8. Destiny Ogbonaya, Reporter

9. Obaji Akpet, Contributor

10. Eugene Upah, Contributor

11. Ekubi Bassey, Columnist

12. Leo Igwe, Columnist

13. Akanimo Kufre, Blogger/Reporter

14. Uchino Amatey, Contributor

15. Chukwuka Stephen, Reporter

And several other Freelancers/Volunteers.

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