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    1. 720×90 – Banner (Appears at the top of website/every page)
    2. 720×90 – Banner (Appears at the bottom of website/every page)
    3. 300×250 – Banner (Appears inside of every post)
    4. 300×250 – Banner (Appears on the Sidebar of every page)
    5. 300×600 – Banner (Appears on the Sidebar of every page)
    6. 480×60 – Banner (Appears below every post title)
    7. 480×60 – Banner (Appears on the footer of every post)
    8. Text Link/Featured (maximum 20 words) – Text with embedded link (Appears in between every post)
    9. Promotional/Sponsored Post (Political, Press Releases, etc) – Text (Static Category and Featured on all social media channels)

Please note that all advert rates are billed either Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly as implied.

To contact us, please use the contact details below while stating the advert format or category. If you don’t State the format or category, as shown above, we may not attend to you. 



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