2023 Jikrypton 001 model financial discount activities: 200,000 three-year zero interest / three-year ultra-low interest / five-year ultra-low interest

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According to IT House news on April 30, the 2023 Jikrypton 001 will start an interest discount activity in installments, and the activity time will be from 0:00 on May 1st to 24:00 on June 30th.

IT House attached activity plan:

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  • Option 1: 0 interest for 200,000 years. The financing amount is at most 200,000 yuan;

  • Option 2: Three-year ultra-low interest rate. With a down payment of 15%, you can enjoy a three-year ultra-low interest rate with an annual rate starting at 0.99%, equivalent to an annualized rate (single rate) starting at about 1.909%;

  • Option Three: Five-year ultra-low interest rates. With a down payment of 15%, you can enjoy a five-year ultra-low interest rate. The annual rate starts from 1.99%, and the equivalent annualized rate (single rate) starts from about 3.797%.

Jikr Auto launched the 2023 Jikr 001 on January 1 this year, offering single-motor and dual-motor models as options, of which the single-motor model has a maximum power of 200kW and a maximum torque of 343N m; the dual-motor model has a maximum power of 400kW and a maximum torque of 686N・m, it only takes 3.8 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100.

The car is equipped with 86kWh and 100kWh battery packs. The CLTC comprehensive operating range is 546km, 656km and 741km. After the WE version of the 100kWh model is equipped with a 140kWh CATL Kirin battery pack, the CLTC comprehensive operating range can reach 1032km.

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