33,000 Victims Lose $97 Million

In this article, we’ll look at the reasons behind the major crackdown on a fake online investment platform that scammed thousands of victims out of millions of dollars. 

With the coordinated efforts of European law enforcement agencies, the operation was successfully dismantled, leading to several arrests and the seizure of high-value assets.

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Key Takeaways:

  • 33,000 victims lost approximately €89 million (around $97 million) to the scam
  • Law enforcement agencies from five European countries participated in the coordinated operation
  • 15 locations were searched, uncovering five illegal call centers
  • Five high-value targets arrested
  • Bitcoins, luxury watches, electronic equipment, cash, bank cards, and data-carrying devices were seized

The Fraud Operation and How It Worked

The tricksters who organized this deceitful activity created a plan to lure in possible investors by exhibiting banners with a professional appearance on websites and promoting it through social media channels. 

They operated call centers in various European countries to give the appearance of a legitimate investment platform.

Initially, the scammers requested a modest starting investment of 200-250 euros, promising higher returns using fake graphics and software. 

Once the victims were hooked, the second level of the fraud came into play. Personal financial advisors contacted the victims, seemingly asking for larger investments to secure even higher profits. 

Unfortunately, the expected profits did not come to fruition and instead, the money invested was stolen and transferred to the scammers’ own bank accounts. This fraudulent operation was carried out from 2019 to 2021.

The scammers took advantage of low-interest rates at the time, pushing their victims to invest in high-risk financial products, such as binary options. 

Uncommon financial investments are frequently utilized in fraudulent schemes, similar to the one uncovered by European authorities.

Coordinated Efforts by European Law Enforcement Agencies

A joint operation by prosecutors from five different European countries brought down this large-scale online fraud business. 

The Eurojust and Europol agencies worked together to dismantle the fake online investment platform, which had stolen an estimated €89 million (around $97 million) from 33,000 victims. 

The operation took place over two days in March and was requested by German authorities.

Thirty-three German police officers and investigators participated in the operation across Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, and Israel, with the support of Europol specialists. 

They searched a total of 15 locations in Romania, Bulgaria and Israel, uncovering five illegal call centers.

Seizure of High-Value Assets and Arrests

As a result of the operation, German police seized a range of high-value assets, including electronic equipment, luxury watches, cash, Bitcoins, bank cards, documents, and data-carrying devices. 

Europol announced the arrest of five individuals believed to be part of this massive online investment fraud ring.

This activity resulted from the evidence and information gathered in 2021 from joint efforts in Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Ukraine, aimed at combating the same deceptive internet trading platform.

Approximately 100 employees working at two call centers located in Sofia were contacting clients and advertising pretend financial services under the guise of financial advisors. 

It was found out later that most call center employees had no knowledge of their company’s participation in the fraudulent scheme.

The Rise of Online Investment Fraud Schemes

This case highlights the growing trend of online investment fraud schemes that have emerged in recent years. 

These operations lure investors through web and social media banner ads, tricking them into committing small amounts of money as initial investments by promising substantial profits. 

The victims are then contacted by so-called personal financial advisors, who promise even higher profits on larger investments. 

Ultimately, these investments are lost, and the illegal profits end up in the perpetrators’ bank accounts.

Recently, a group of people who were running a fraudulent investment scheme was caught by Ukraine’s cyber police and Europol. 

They arrested five important members of this group, who were responsible for causing a loss of around €200 million (approximately $221 million) every year. 

This group was operating from call centers and offices in various European countries, such as Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Latvia, Finland, and Albania.

These criminals tricked potential investors into making fictitious investments through a broad network of websites that posed as legitimate portals for cryptocurrency, stocks, bonds, futures, and options investments. 

The scam investment sites deceived people by making false promises of big profits. 

They convinced victims to keep investing more money, which led them further into the trap set by the scammers.


The successful disruption of this massive online fraud operation serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance when investing online. 

The collaboration of European law enforcement agencies highlights the commitment to combat such fraudulent schemes and protect potential victims. 

Before making any online investments, it’s important for investors to conduct in-depth research and be cautious to avoid becoming victims of fraudulent activities that resemble scams.

As online investment fraud schemes continue to rise, it’s crucial for individuals to remain informed about the potential risks and to be cautious when approached by seemingly attractive investment opportunities. 

Regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies must continue to work together to dismantle these operations and bring those responsible to justice. 

By raising awareness and increasing vigilance, we can help protect unsuspecting investors from becoming victims of these elaborate scams.


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