Alex Salmond’s ally to stand trial for trying to force way into flat

Alex Salmond’s ally to stand trial for trying to force way into flat

An important associate of Alex Salmond will go on trial for allegedly trying to break into a flat.

Salmond’s Alba Party’s general secretary, Christopher McEleny, is charged with yelling, cursing, and behaving aggressively during the alleged incident in Greenock, Inverclyde.

Yesterday, the 36-year-case old’s was heard for the first time in Greenock Sheriff Court (FRI).

McEleny, who rejects each and every charge, did not show up in court with attorney Gerry Keenan representing him.

In the town’s Kelly Street, according to the prosecution, he shouted, cursed, repeatedly kicked and smashed a door, and acted aggressively against a guy.

Additionally, he is alleged to have threatened to enter the residence in question and persistently demanded admittance.

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His actions allegedly violated Section 38(1) of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 by being abusive or threatening in a way that could reasonably have caused fear or alarm in a person.

A second claim of intentional mischief is also denied by McEleny, who was once the SNP group leader on Inverclyde Council.

He is said to have damaged a door handle on the relevant day, Sunday, September 26, 2021, by attempting to force it open.

McEleny ran for deputy leader under Nicola Sturgeon and had previously served on the SNP’s executive council.

Then in 2021, he re-joined the new party of former First Minister Salmond and accepted the position of general secretary.

He said he left the SNP as he “genuinely believes it’s what’s best for delivering Scotland’s independence”.

In June, he is scheduled to go on trial.