AMD has shifted some 4nm CPU chip orders from TSMC to Samsung, sources say

According to IT House news on May 2, it seems that due to capacity problems, the release plan of notebook computers equipped with AMD Phoenix series Ryzen 7040 APU was postponed from March to April, and then postponed to May before it will be gradually launched.

The whistleblower @OreXda said that AMD has signed an agreement with Samsung Electronics and plans to transfer part of the 4nm processor business from TSMC to Samsung. It is worth mentioning that there was news that Samsung has started mass production of the third-generation 4nm process to improve yield and energy efficiency. Customers may include Google Tensor G3 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

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It is said that TSMC’s 4nm capacity is running at full capacity, and customers such as Apple and Qualcomm are also purchasing 4nm mobile SoCs at this node, which makes AMD’s capacity allocation and bargaining power against TSMC very limited.

The company’s Ryzen 7040-series “Phoenix” series of mobile processors is said to be built on a 4nm process and is currently being designed with Samsung’s 4nm node (AMD has five options).

Overall, the switch to Samsung may give AMD more scalability, especially considering that “Phoenix” has been delayed multiple times, and currently AMD only has 5nm + 6nm Ryzen 7045 series “Dragon Range” left in the high-end market. “, while only the 6nm 7035 series “Rembrandt-R” is left in the mainstream and ultra-portable market, but there is nothing “fit” to compete with “Raptor Lake-U” and “Raptor Lake-P”.

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Since Intel’s 13th generation Core processor is still based on the Intel 7 node, there is currently no shipping pressure, so foreign media believe that AMD may adopt a dual-source strategy like the rumored Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 (IT Home Note: The Rumors could not be confirmed).

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