AMD introduces R7 7840U processor: CPU performance exceeds Intel i7-1360P and Apple M2

IT House News on May 3, AMD officially released the Ryzen 7040U series processors tonight, and focused on the flagship model R7 7840U.

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First, AMD compared the R7 7840U with 8 cores and 16 threads up to 5.1GHz with Intel’s i7-1360P with 4 large cores and 8 small cores up to 5.0GHz. Ahead of i7-1360P.

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In terms of nuclear display game performance, the 780M nuclear display equipped with the R7 7840U is fully ahead of the i7-1360P 96EU nuclear display, and the leading rate reaches 139% in the 1080p low-quality image of “Cyberpunk 2077”.

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AMD also compared the R7 7840U with Apple’s latest M2 processor. The two processors have little difference in web browsing, photo editing, 3D rendering, etc., but in terms of multitasking and PassMark 10 running points, the R7 7840U has 70 A lead of more than %.

AMD has not officially announced when devices equipped with the R7 7840U will be available. R7 7840U is expected to be mainly used in thin and light notebooks and handhelds.

IT Home comes with AMD Ryzen 7040U series processor parameters:

  • R7 7840U: 8C16T 5.1GHz + 12CU 2.7GHz

  • R5 7640U: 6C12T 4.9GHz + 8CU 2.6GHz

  • R5 7540U: 6C12T 4.9GHz + 4CU 2.5GHz

  • R3 7440U: 4C8T 4.7GHz + 4CU 2.5GHz

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