Apple Watch Ultra smartwatch with MicroLED launches in 2025

Apple Watch Ultra smartwatch with MicroLED launches in 2025

Ross Young, CEO of DSCC, a screen supply chain consulting company, has said that Apple is expected to launch an Apple Watch Ultra smart watch with a MicroLED panel in 2025.

Another source, DigiTimes, reconfirmed the news from supply chain sources.

In a paid article in DigiTimes, it was highlighted that Apple has been actively advancing MicroLED panel technology since its acquisition of California startup LuxVue in 2014. Given that the production of microLED displays is still challenging and more expensive to manufacture, Apple chose to deploy them on the Apple Watch Ultra smartwatch first.

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It was learned from MacRumors reports that the main supplier of Apple’s MicroLED panel chips is Germany’s Osram (ams OSRAM) . In addition, Epistar will start to provide some MicroLEDs in 2026-2027. chip.

Pu said the new Apple Watch Ultra could feature a larger 2.1-inch display, with microLED technology for increased brightness compared to existing OLED-display Apple Watch models.