ASK IRA: Have NBA injury reports become exercises in emptiness?

Jimmy Butler bench 043023 Knicks

Q: There is no reason to reveal injury status until teams are ready. – Paolo.

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A: Well, actually there is, which is why there are injury reports in the first place, and that is the gambling angle. Recall that with the proliferation of legalized sports betting, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver tried to get ahead of the curve by trying to establish an integrity fee for leagues to monitor such issues. Now, it is as if “questionable” is the NBA one-stop answer to the injury unknown. sort of like “upper-body” or “lower-body” injury in the NHL. It actually doesn’t offer much clarity, at all. So Jimmy Butler winds up being listed as questionable on Monday after hobbling off on Sunday, just as does Jalen Brunson, who did not appear to be dealing with any issue. The NBA never got its integrity fee. And we never got injury reports with clarity.


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