Auburn coach Thompson thinks of hometown, storm victims

Many days and nights, especially in March and April, families prepare for the worst. One night, a violent tornado might go north or south of your location. One night, it might be at your doorstep.

Towns and communities in the state have been devastated over the years from tornadoes. Smithville encountered an EF5 tornado in 2011 that destroyed most of the community. Our own East Webster High School in Cumberland was hit on the same day by an EF 3 that came through the night. It decimated the high school and athletic facilities before the school built back stronger and that included adding a storm shelter dome that doubles as the school’s basketball arena.

Amory has now been added to the list of schools and communities that have been severely affected by mother nature’s wrath and the pride in that community is just as strong as that of the aforementioned duo hit almost exactly 12 years ago.

Auburn baseball coach and former Mississippi State pitching coach Butch Thompson spent a large part of his life in Amory. Thompson grew up there, played sports there and began to raise his family in Amory many years ago. Most of his family still lives in the community and he checks on them often. Waking up on March 25 to the news of a violent tornado hitting his home town was not something he could ever have imagined.

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