Aviation returner “Liangxi” spacecraft will make its first flight in June – Teller Report

According to the news from IT House on May 1, according to Wuxi Bobao today, the “Liangxi” spacecraft will make its first flight in June. The spacecraft was developed by Ziwei Technology Space Technology Company. The “Liangxi” spacecraft is an aviation return device, which focuses on small-scale space-to-earth round-trip cargo transportation, and can continue to return to the earth with a full load of 300kg cargo.

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According to reports, the internal electronic components of this return device can be reused, and can provide environmental data, radiation dose, force, heat, noise, impact, temperature, humidity and other research data, and can also be customized according to customer needs. The designed track-remaining module has been in orbit for about one year under control, and the return module’s on-orbit running time can also be customized from a few days to dozens of days according to demand.

IT Home’s inquiry found that AZSPACE had already displayed this real “returner spacecraft” at the 2023 “China Aerospace Day” home event and China Aerospace Conference just held, and also carried some Scientific instruments for in-orbit testing.

The official said that in the second half of this year, the first engine production line of a rocket company will be officially put into production in Liangxi; the rocket power headquarters base covering an area of ​​about 120 acres will also start construction. In the future, Liangxi will focus on “rocket + spacecraft” to drive a number of leading projects such as space test equipment and satellite communications, forming an aerospace industry ecosystem with an output value exceeding 10 billion.

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