AYANEO 2S handheld preheating: Equipped with “3+1” three-copper tube cooling module + R7 7840U

According to news from IT House on April 30, according to previous news, the new generation of AYANEO 2S and GEEK 1S handhelds will be released in May this year and are expected to be shipped in mid-June. Today, the official Weibo of AYANEO handheld updated Weibo to warm up for the upcoming release of AYANEO 2S handheld.

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AYANEO Handheld officially stated that AYANEO 2S will be equipped with the “3+1” three-copper tube heat dissipation module pioneered by Windows Handheld, with a heat conduction area as high as 1118mm², which will bring a stronger heat dissipation effect to the upgraded AYANEO 2. With the support of this heat dissipation system and the R7 7840U processor, AYANEO 2S’ performance in games will be even more impressive.

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In addition, according to IT House’s previous reports, AYANEO 2S will continue the previous generation’s 7-inch borderless full screen and streamlined body design, using the combination mode of Master universal handle + Hall rocker + Hall trigger.

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