Balham Sainsbury’s shoppers outraged by receipt scanning at store

These new features include barriers blocking customers from leaving the store until they scan their receipts.

This will mean those leaving the store empty-handed will have to ask security to let them out.

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This left many outraged as some Sainsbury’s shoppers claimed the security barriers made innocent shoppers seem suspicious.

(PA) Customers will now have to scan their receipt at selected Sainsbury’s stores (Image: PA)

The scheme began attracting attention in December when it was first rolled out to branches last year but now the change is looking like it will affect more stores.

More anger has been created as the new receipt system is rolled out to stores in Balham, South London and Winnersh, Berkshire.

Security barriers introduced to more stores including Aldi, Morrisons  and Primark

Similar measures have been rolled out to other areas across the UK in stores like Aldi, Morrisons and Primark.

These first started appearing in UK stores at the end of last year with such precautions also being spotted in much of Europe.

Sainsbury’s told the MailOnline that the gates are only used in a “small number” of stores’ “self-service checkout areas”.

The spokesperson added that this forms part of a “range of security measures.”

Sainsbury’s has been approached for additional comment.

Balham shoppers outraged by receipt scanning at Sainsbury’s store

News Shopper: (Canva) Similar security measures have been introduced in some Aldi and Morrisons stores(Canva) Similar security measures have been introduced in some Aldi and Morrisons stores (Image: Canva)

A number of residents were outraged by the move with some taking to Twitter to express this anger.

One user said: “So, @sainsburys Balham.. Rows of empty shelves when you visit after work after 6pm, and now these pathetic barriers with which you treat all your customers as guilty until proven innocent. Will be taking business elsewhere (well, I already have, mostly).”

Another person chimed in, saying: “Same in my Sainsburys, been like that for a while now. Agree, it’s treating us all like potential thieves.”

One added that similar schemes had ‘failed’, saying: “I’ve been in a few different Sainsburys that have tried doing this … it always fails before long!”

Another user seemed concerned that this was something that would affect all customers across the country, saying: “Wonder if this is something they intend to implement in all Sainsburys stores.”


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