Biden Summons Speaker McCarthy to White House After Months Long Standoff

A months-long standoff was finally over, Biden blinking first as the President and Speaker McCarthy now agreeing to meet next week over the debt ceiling. However, the White House says Biden won’t be negotiating, even amid warnings that a default could come in weeks.

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The Biden administration sent more than a thousand active-duty troops to the southern border. House Republicans meanwhile introduce their own plan on how to secure the surge of illegal immigration.

Is it necessary for Congress to prescribe a code of ethics for Supreme Court Justices? Or would that be an erosion of the separation of powers? Those questions are at the heart of a heated Senate hearing. We’ll hear from senators on capitol hill.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are proposing a new bill aimed at lowering drug prices for Americans by focusing on Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). Wayne Winegarten senior fellow at the Pacific research institute will explain how these middlemen operate and their role in the pharmaceutical supply industry.

In a shocking revelation, the FBI recently arrested two individuals in connection to the Chinese Communist Party’s secret police station in New York. However, what’s more alarming is that these secret police stations are not limited to major cities like New York and San Francisco. We’ll speak to a Nebraska congressman to find out more.

Are we any closer to knowing the reasons behind Tucker Carlson’s exit from Fox? Part of the answer could be in a newly leaked video.


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