Binance Launches Oracle Network to Fetch External Data on BNB Blockchain

Binance has launched its native oracle service in a bid to simplify the process of loading already existing data on its native BNB blockchain. This will enable smart contracts on the blockchain to run on real-world inputs and outputs. Blockchains in themselves cannot verify the authenticity of the data loaded on them. Hence, oracle services are used to make sure that only accurate data is being used on decentralised finance (DeFi) applications based on specific blockchains. Oracles can also be bi-directional, allowing them to ‘send’ data to the outside world.

“Blockchain oracles are a critical building block of the blockchain ecosystem. Without them, smart contracts would have no way to obtain any real-world data. Binance Oracle is a blockchain oracle that enables smart contracts to access data sources in the real world required by blockchain applications. It ensures that smart contracts have the correct data at the right time,” the US-based crypto exchange said in an official post.

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When a blockchain is integrated to an oracle service, the smart contracts on the blockchain get more finetuned to identify and respond to external events with specified actions.

The oracle analyses data sources, data processing and signing, data publishing, and data monitoring to ensure that the data wired onto the blockchain is accurate, timely, and tamper-proof.

“Binance Oracle will emerge as a significant contributor to Web3 by offering a stable, reliable and efficient oracle network with comprehensive accuracy and accessibility features,” said Gwendolyn Regina, investment director at BNB Chain.

Binance’s oracle service is projected to benefit around 1,400 applications running on the BNB chain.

“Blockchains would have less potential and fewer possibilities for mass adoption without oracles, as their information would be limited to their internal data. While blockchain oracles don’t solve the problem of data availability, they can make available off-chain data on-chain using external sources,” the blog post by Binance noted.

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