Changguang Chenxin 16K high-speed linear array CMOS image sensor GL3516 released: 3.5μm global shutter pixel

IT Home News on April 28, Changguang Chenxin released a 16K resolution, high-speed linear array CMOS image sensor – GL3516. The chip adopts 3.5μm global shutter pixel, which has the characteristics of high resolution, high line frequency, high reliability and low power consumption.Applicable to lithium battery detection, screen detection, printed matter detection, automatic sorting, track safety detection and other fields.

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Scanning speed and imaging quality are key indicators to measure the timeliness of line scan camera inspection.The GL3516 chip transmits data through 25 pairs of Sub-LVDS channels, which can achieve a maximum data rate of 24Gbps. The highest line frequency in single-line mode is 120kHz, and the maximum line frequency in dual-line mode is 60kHz..

GL3516 can provide users with two versions of black and white and color. The black and white version supports single-line and two-line modes, and the color version supports two-line modes. The pixels of each color can adjust the exposure time individually according to the external trigger signal, so that the color pixel lines can perform better color reproduction.GL3516 has optical dark pixels on chip, which can be used for black level correction to ensure the overall image output effect.

color pixel array


black and white pixel array


The GL3516 consumes 1.9W at full speed. According to the official statement, combined with tungsten copper metal + COB package with better thermal conductivity (IT Home Note: full name Chips on Board, chip on board package), it can maintain good heat dissipation even under high line frequency working conditions for a long time . GL3516 is compatible with GL7008 hardware as a whole, which can reduce the design and development cost of users. The chip leads the signal through the connector, which can be directly connected with the camera board, making the assembly process more convenient and quick.


Changguang Chenxin GL3516 engineering samples can be ordered today.

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