ChatGPT plays against chess AI

ChatGPT plays against chess AI

ChatGPT played against chess AI, which shocked people in less than 15 seconds.

At the beginning, ChatGPT is black, and chess AI is white. The two sides have exchanges, and ChatGPT even takes the initiative to push back the opponent’s bishop (bishop):

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Looks like it’s going to be a tough fight, until ChatGPT suddenly snaps and eats its own bishop!

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 Strange king rook transposition operation

This is where things start to go wrong.

Whether it is the 9th black pawn appearing out of nowhere on the chessboard (there are only 8 pawns in each black and white chess):

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Or the horse that suddenly eats the bishop on the slash:

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 The horse can only walk the word “day”

There is no reason to ignore the rules!

Such a miraculous operation attracted a large wave of netizens to watch, and some people called out, “Isn’t this the shameless operation of my 5-year-old cousin who wants to win chess?”

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But it can also be said that ChatGPT has learned the essence of human chess in minutes – shameless …

So who won this magical AI chess battle?

Invented a “new” set of rules

Although the battle is only 1 minute and 32 seconds, ChatGPT has formulated a new set of rules.

First , it is possible to “beat cattle across mountains”. In addition to horses, even queens, rooks and bishops can easily overstep (step over a chess piece to go behind it).

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Second , pieces that are not on the board (eaten or do not exist) can be revived in situ, or even eat the opponent’s pieces on the spot:

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 The dead queen suddenly attacked me

Some netizens ridiculed, could this be the legendary zombie tactic?

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Third , all the tiles can be “played against common sense”, for example, the car can not only overstep the tiles, but even go diagonally…

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Spoiler for the finale, ChatGPT lost in the end, but still in the form of violating the rules – take the initiative to send the general!

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Some netizens ridiculed after reading it, this is probably the Calvinball chess master.

(Calvinball, a game that is not bound by rules, the only rule is “cannot use the same rules as the previous game”)

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Some netizens expressed sympathy for ChatGPT’s opponents: How can this be predicted? (manual dog head)

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So, what is the history of the opponents who won ChatGPT in this brawl?

The AI ​​that acts as ChatGPT’s opponent is called Stockfish , which is also an open source chess engine with a long history.

It was developed based on a neural network called NNUE , which was released in 2008. The initial structure was very simple, which was a 4-layer fully connected neural network, used in conjunction with alpha-beta search.

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After several iterations over the years, it has reached the fourth generation of NNUE, and some optimizations have been made in the architecture:

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Now Stockfish has also iterated to version 15.1. It is said that in the battle against Stockfish 14, the number of wins reached 9 times the number of losses.

As a classic chess AI, it has often appeared in various new AI papers over the years as a performance comparison for chess.

For example, AlphaZero launched by DeepMind compared it, saying that its performance is higher than Stockfish.

Even so, Stockfish is more than enough to beat human chess masters.

“ChatGPT is more suitable for writing a chess program”

After watching the game, many people think that ChatGPT is obviously not suitable for playing chess.

Someone tried to play a game of chess with ChatGPT and explained the rules to it when it made a wrong operation. Every time ChatGPT would take the initiative to apologize, “I’m sorry, I understand”, but still insisted on making a wrong operation:

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Probably this is the ChatGPT version of “I was wrong, but I won’t change it” (manual dog head)

However, some netizens think that it is amazing that ChatGPT can play chess.

As a language model, it is actually not good at chess games, but more suitable for writing a chess engine .

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In fact, some netizens really did this not long ago, asking ChatGPT to write a chess program in Python.

First let it generate a set of chessboards and print them out, the effect is as follows:

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Then, let ChatGPT formulate the method of chess piece movement according to the rules of chess, including pawns, rooks, horses, bishops, queens, and kings.

Finally, let ChatGPT generate a function that can act as a robot bot to fight against opponents.

Interested friends, you can try this engine written by ChatGPT, whether it is easy to use~

So, what do you think of ChatGPT’s chess strength? (manual dog head)