China’s UAV aerial base station emergency communication system can stay in the air for 8 hours, signal covers 100km²

China’s UAV aerial base station emergency communication system can stay in the air for 8 hours, signal covers 100km²

IT House reported on February 22 that China Unicom has started a fundamental research project in the area of UAV aerial base station emergency communication the previous year. The main research project team of the “Emergency Communication System Research and Development Based on Space Platform” established by Unicom Research Institute, Henan Unicom, and Beijing Unicom recently finished the system development in Anyang, Henan, and it is now operational.

A mobile communication system based on customised medium-sized drones has reportedly been developed this time. It consists of long-endurance customised medium-sized drones, mobile base stations, and base station backhaul links.

The system may quickly fly over the target location and hover in the air to give emergency communication support in the event that such needs arise. In order to meet the high demand for mobile communication deployment in emergency situations, remote locations, and natural disasters, the system can quickly deploy communication signals in blind areas of mobile communication coverage. It also has a high degree of flexibility and response time.

Among them, the long-endurance custom UAV design is capable of reaching any empty height between 500 and 2000 metres and has a maximum wind resistance of 7 levels of wind. The effective empty duration can last up to 8 hours, and the payload can be as much as 50 kg.

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The mobile base station is a 4G / 5G radio frequency baseband integrated base station, combined with the core network strategy, it can meet the user application characteristics of emergency communication, ensure that users use mobile communication resources reasonably and effectively, and flexibly implement voice, SMS, and data according to the actual needs of users. Business (including the combined use of multiple services), the base station coverage area of ​​the system can reach 100 square kilometers, the average download rate of a single user is 10Mbps, the average uplink is 1Mbps, and the access voice user capacity can reach 10,000 users.

The backhaul link of the base station can be selected according to the actual situation of the emergency communication site, and the air-to-ground microwave communication system or satellite communication system can be selected. Effective cost ratio. In addition to completing the emergency communication tasks of air base stations, the system can also carry out long-distance UAV intelligent inspection work, with a flight distance of up to 600-800 kilometers , real-time return of video information and flight control information, and complete real-time feature target recognition.

China Unicom stated that the UAV aerial base station emergency communication system has been repeatedly verified. The base station of the system has a wide coverage area and stable user experience on the ground. The solution can be matched with different types of medium-sized UAVs to meet the actual needs of customers in different emergency scenarios.

China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, according to earlier reports from IT House, have introduced comparable tethered drones that have been used in a variety of emergency situations. But China Unicom’s new system uses fixed-wing drones, which are anticipated to have superior expectations for flying height and coverage than tethered drones’ multi-rotor counterparts.