Classic re-enactment, Tencent Video’s new version of “Sword (1)” has passed the review and obtained a distribution license-IT Home

News from IT House on April 18th, the new version of “Sword” is produced by Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., the play is adapted from the stand-alone game “Legend of Sword and Fairy”, directed by Yang Long, He Yu, Yang Yutong, Xu Hao , Hu Yixuan starring in the ancient costume fairy tale drama, has now obtained the distribution license!

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You may think that the characters in the play are more familiar, but this is actually a remake of the 2005 version of Hu Ge, Liu Yifei, Liu Pinyan, An Yixuan, and Peng Yuyan, but it respects the plot of the game relatively more.

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“Legend of Sword and Fairy” is a domestic stand-alone Chinese role-playing computer game produced by Daewoo Information. I believe most IT home users are familiar with it. This work is also the first in the “Legend of Sword and Fairy” series. The first work, with the theme of “Fate”, was released in July 1995, and it has been 28 years since then.

The game tells the story of Li Xiaoyao, an ordinary inn boy, who met Zhao Linger, a descendant of the Nuwa tribe, by chance. The fairy island where Zhao Ling’er lives is accidentally attacked, so Li Xiaoyao takes on the important task of escorting Ling’er to find her mother in Miaojiang. During the journey, Li Xiaoyao met Lin Yueru and Anu successively.

In the process of Zhao Ling’er helping the Miao people pray for rain to relieve drought, punish rape and eliminate evil, the mystery of Zhao Ling’er’s life experience and the whereabouts of her mother finally came to light. At this time, the conspiracy of the Lord of Worshiping the Moon is in front of everyone’s eyes, but Li Xiaoyao, Zhao Linger and others do not know that this battle with the Lord of Worshiping the Moon will lead to an eternal tragedy.

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According to the information disclosed in the 2022 fiscal year report of China Mobile Games, they will continue to cooperate with Tencent on the new version of “Legend of Sword and Fairy III”, and the drama version of “Legend of Sword and Fairy Five Prequels” has been confirmed to be filmed, and “Legend of Sword and Fairy” has been confirmed to be filmed. “Biography Seven” confirms the filming. The new versions of “Legend of Sword and Fairy I” and “Legend of Sword and Fairy IV” are expected to be released within this year, the animation version of “Legend of Sword and Fairy” will officially start production this year, and the game “World of Sword and Fairy” will be launched within this year.

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