Cumulative sales of BYD Auto’s new energy vehicles exceeded 4.1 million units: Dynasty Ocean’s sales in April were 198,941 units, an increase of 88.6% year-on-year, and Denza’s sales were 10,526 units

IT House reported on May 2 that in April this year, BYD sold 210,295 vehicles, and the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles exceeded 4.1 million. BYD has now released detailed data for April 2023:

If you look at different series, in April this year:

  • BYD Qin sold 42,202 units.

  • BYD Han sold 14,329 units.

  • BYD Tang sold 11,759 units.

  • BYD Song sold 8,100 units.

  • BYD sold 39,160 units per yuan.

  • Ocean Net sold 83,388 vehicles.

  • BYD Seagull sold 1,500 units.

  • BYD Dolphin sold 30,462 vehicles.

  • BYD Seal sold 6,212 units.

  • Frigate 07 sold 10,003 units.

  • Destroyer 05 sold 5380 units.

  • BYD e2 sold 2,095 units.

  • Song PLUS series sold 27,736 vehicles.

In addition, BYD sold a total of 14,827 new energy passenger vehicles overseas in April 2023. The installed capacity of new energy vehicle power batteries and energy storage batteries in April was approximately 9.954 GWh, and the cumulative installed capacity in 2023 was approximately 36.945 GWh.

For reference, IT House attaches BYD’s sales data in the past few months:

  • BYD sold 207,080 new energy vehicles in March, and the cumulative sales volume this year was 552,076, a year-on-year increase of 92.81%.

  • BYD’s sales of new energy vehicles in February were 193,655, compared with 88,300 in the same period last year; the cumulative sales this year were 345,000, a year-on-year increase of 90.13%.

  • BYD sold 151,341 new energy vehicles in January, up 58.6% YoY.

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