Daily horoscope for April 29, 2023

Difficult transformations can provide exceptional changes. Generosity and openness abound under the sensitive Moon’s trine to confident Jupiter. The Moon then moves into exacting Virgo, further organizing our efforts toward leveling up. It isn’t all sunshine and roses — the clash between the Moon and transformational Pluto can trigger fear and stress when undergoing the change we called in. Still, once brave Mars sextiles changeable Uranus at 4:05 pm EDT, our fear can melt into ambition and excitement. We’re experimenting with what we want to become.

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March 21-April 19

Seize the day with gusto! It might feel like you have a new burst of confidence that inspires you to organize a plan to make it exactly where you want to go. Optimism doesn’t mean that logistical issues won’t arise, either because your dreams are so expansive that they’re difficult to realize, or because other people are standing in your way. This can be demoralizing, but solutions are already on their way. Find your footing and commit to making your dreams come true.

April 20-May 20

Your hobbies can offer a level of emotional healing. Outside of staring at a screen, look into any pastimes that soothe your soul, like painting, singing, or even playing outside with a friend or pet. That said, you may be blocked by responsibilities from superiors, and you might despair at the work ahead of you. Dig deep, rely on your support system as needed, and consider replacing a less healthy hobby with this more fulfilling activity. You might have more time than you think.

May 21-June 20

Talking about your recent hopes and dreams moves you closer to bringing them into your life. Your friends may help you work through confused or indecisive feelings, as when you discuss your desires for the future, everyone can share advice on how to reach it. You’re stepping out into the unknown by following their advice, because leaving old lifestyles behind and not knowing how choices change you is intimidating. Still, when one way isn’t working, a trusted pal’s advice is priceless.

June 21-July 22

Your confidence can lead to taking strides in your career. An opportunity for making money on the side that interests you and could be a strong foundation for you might make itself apparent. You might be very excited by the chance at first, but watch out for doubt creeping in. Be aware of the risks inherent in this idea, but don’t forget the potential benefits, either! If you’re unsatisfied with stability in a place that you dislike, then go after what makes you happy.

July 23-August 22

Building a secure life for yourself is vital at the moment. It might have felt like you didn’t have a choice but to take on a less stable lifestyle or career, and even if you are able to balance things out on your own, doing so can be exhausting. Someone may encourage you to stay where you’re experiencing a lot of uncertainty because you’re managing, but you may feel intuitively that this isn’t right for you. Instead of just surviving, you can thrive!

August 23-September 22

Get ready to release some emotional baggage, Virgo! There may have been a difficult event in your life that you’ve struggled to set down in the past, and while you’re allowed to remember it, you’re also allowed to move on. Trying to set down the burden of grief can be scary, especially if it feels like a part of your identity, but all it’s doing is forcing you to carry pain everywhere you go. It’s okay to rewrite your story in a more positive way.

September 23-October 22

You can become more popular at this time. Others might recognize your abilities, strengthening your confidence, but as you gain success, some friends may turn into enemies. Ride-or-die people should still be on your side, but you may notice others begin making small criticisms when they used to support you. Because of this, you might be more inclined to keep your plans to yourself until they’re a sure thing. Instead of mourning the loss of false friends, celebrate those who are still in your corner.

October 23-November 21

Your passion is helping you become a leader. It’s possible that you’ve been putting a lot of effort into a certain project, whether it’s elevating your career, prioritizing your health, or organizing your routine. Whatever the specifics are, you’re making positive concrete changes. It’s difficult to lead others when your own life is out of sorts, and shifting the way in which you live your life now will help you to take steps toward your leadership goals in the future. Be your own hero.

November 22-December 21

You might be changing how others see you. It may feel like you’re maturing and taking steps to show others that you’re more consistent than you may have been in the past. Even with the enthusiasm to show others how reliable you are, you may also doubt that you’ll be able to make this change. Be wary of any thoughts that are self-critical instead of looking at the situation as a healthy challenge. Embrace any fears and face this new test head-on!

December 22-January 19

You’re breaking out of your confines! You might feel like you’ve been held back by your circumstances or by people that didn’t want to see you succeed, and you’re finally ready to free yourself from any negativity. However, the unfamiliarity of any newfound independence can shove you onto your back foot, throwing you off-balance in your quest for more healthy agency. Finding friends and supporters who can vibe with your vision is essential, so set a course to seek them out.

January 20-February 18

Networking can help you make a positive change together. Reaching out to other people is easier now, as you may be invited to a gathering of like-minded people or on a group expedition to get to know each other better. Your goals might align with theirs, leading you to blast through the pleasantries into what really interests you both. This connection could feel frightening, as trusting trust new can be hard, but this is a risk worth taking. Embrace the intuitive connection!

February 19-March 20

Getting your life in order might currently be a team effort. You may have been hesitant to reach out before, believing that you must fly solo, but recently, you’ve likely been offered assistance that you couldn’t refuse. It can feel like you’re taking the best route when you’re alone, but a peer or community can open your eyes to anywhere you’ve been confused. Letting others help you can feel vulnerable, but don’t let that scare you away. Sometimes everyone needs a helping hand.

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