Dolphins’ Raheem Mostert feels Mike McDaniel will ‘shock the world’ this season, likes Devon Achane draft pick


Miami Dolphins running back Raheem Mostert knows Mike McDaniel just about as well as anyone in the NFL, and he sees the Dolphins coach making a huge leap in Year 2 leading a team.

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“He’s totally locked in. He got his feet wet,” Mostert said Tuesday in a web conference call with reporters.

“Now that he’s settled down, I believe that he’s going to start making some moves in a way that’s going to shock the world. It’s not going to be shocking for me because I know what he can do. That’s why I’m along this journey with him. But yeah, a lot of people are going to be shocked about what he does.”

Mostert, a former journeyman return specialist before getting his first opportunities to carry the football from scrimmage with the 49ers while McDaniel was an assistant coach in San Francisco, goes all the way back to 2017 with Miami’s head man. As he flourished as a speedy tailback, McDaniel grew from run-game coordinator to offensive coordinator in 2021 and Dolphins coach beginning last year, also Mostert’s first in Miami.

Mostert understood that last season was also McDaniel’s first as an NFL team’s offensive play-caller.

The 31-year-old running back said it was expressed to him that McDaniel regretted not running the ball more in 2022. He had Mostert average 4.9 yards per carry and fellow tailback Jeff Wilson Jr., during the second half of the season he spent in Miami, run at a 4.7 clip, but as a team, the Dolphins were 25th in rushing yards, second-to-last in rushing attempts.

“I had a talk with him during the exit interviews at the end of the season,” said Mostert, who ran for a career-high 891 yards. “One thing that he was very apologetic about was the fact that we didn’t run enough and that he was going to do his best to change that for the upcoming year.


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