Fanxiang launches S790 4TB SSD: Yangtze River Storage 232-layer particles, 1099 yuan

IT House News on May 26, Fanxiang S790 4TB SSD is now on the shelves. This model uses the latest 232-layer particles of Yangtze River Storage. The pre-sale will start at 8 o’clock tonight, and the price is 1099 yuan.

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IT Home organizes the introduction of Fanxiang S790 4TB SSD as follows:

In terms of appearance, S790 is the wood series in the new series “Golden Wood Water Fire Warrior” launched by Fanxiang to pay tribute to the tradition, and its design incorporates the Chinese element “Facebook”.

In terms of parameters, this series of SSDs adopts the latest 232-layer granules of YMTC, is equipped with a 4TB dedicated main controller Maxio 1602U, supports the NVMe 2.0 protocol, and has a four-channel no external cache design. The sequential reading speed can reach 7450 MB/s, and the sequential The writing speed is 6500 MB/s, the writing capacity is 8000 TBW, and the official 5-year limited warranty is provided.

JingdongFanxiang (FANXIANG) 4TB SSD solid state drive 1099 yuandirect link
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