Free Webinar: How to become a truly antifragile law firm

By Legal Futures Associate Clio

Are you finding it challenging to thrive amidst uncertainty of the current legal landscape? With ever-changing client expectations, ways of working, regulation, and economic ups and downs, the legal landscape right now can feel unpredictable.

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If so, Clio’s upcoming free webinar could be the answer you’re looking for.

It will showcase what steps you can take to become an “antifragile law firm.” What is an antifragile law firm exactly? It’s one that knows how to find the opportunity in any challenge and to adapt to adversity in a way that makes the whole firm not just survive but thrive.

This 16 May, join Sarah Murphy, Clio’s General Manager, EMEA, for a free webinar that could change your firm’s entire approach to challenges.

EMEA How to Become a Truly Antifragile Law Firm

How to Become a Truly Antifragile Law Firm

Event date: Tuesday, 16 May, 2022

Event time: 11 a.m. BST

Venue: Online

Cost: Free

Session duration: 30 minutes

Register here


In this webinar, you’ll learn more about:

  • How firms can create a client-centred, antifragile practice that turns challenges into opportunities
  • The power of agility and why you must adopt a growth mindset
  • Striking the perfect balance between flexibility, stability, innovation, and sustainability


Register now.

(Can’t make the date? Don’t worry—register anyway at the link above and Clio will send you a recording after the event to watch at your leisure.)



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