Godot is now available on the Epic Games Store

Godot is now available on the Epic Games Store

Godot is a popular open-source game engine that supports the development of 2D and 3D games using various programming languages ​​(including GDScript, C++ and C#).

The Godot official website announced that the Godot engine has been launched on the Epic Games store, and this version is exactly the same as the open-source version on other platforms.

The Godot engine supports Android, Linux, macOS, Windows versions, and even a Web Editor version. IT House friends can download Godot on the official website, Itch.io, Steam and the newly added Epic Games and other platforms. However, one downside of downloading the tool from a digital distribution platform is that .NET/C# support is not included.

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The official announcement stated that Epic Games is a long-term supporter of Godot. Thanks to their contributions, Godot has been able to improve the rendering pipeline and the built-in scripting language GDScript. The results of this work can now be seen in the latest release of Godot 4.0.