Google’s Pixel Tablet comes in 128GB/256GB versions, starting at $600

IT Home News on April 21, the source Roland Quandt revealed in the latest tweet that Google Pixel Tablet will have 128GB and 256GB Two versions, priced at $600(IT Home Remarks: Currently about 4128 RMB) and $650(IT Home Remarks: Currently about 4472 RMB).

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IT Home Note: Roland Quandt is a senior editor of the German technology media, and has high credibility in terms of information sources.

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In his tweet, he said that the Pixel Tablet will have two color options, Porcelain and Haze, while previous reports said that Google will launch 4 colors for the tablet.

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According to the information currently available, the Google Pixel Tablet will use an aluminum metal body, equipped with 8GB of memory, and will be equipped withAndroid 13 system.

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