Group slams Australian Prime Minister for supporting LGBTQIA+

Group slams Australian Prime Minister for supporting LGBTQIA+
Anthony Albanese

The announcement by Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese that he will actually march in the LGBTQIA+ Mardi Gras on Saturday evening (the first time a sitting PM has given such thorough endorsement to the queer agenda) is a slap in the face for the 98% of Australians who are heterosexual, said a group called Christian Voice Australia.

“The Prime Minister’s blatantly public participation in the gay Mardi Gras is nothing more than left-wing gender ideology which the Prime Minister is promoting for the sake of a few votes (1.8% of the population),” said the spokesman for Christian Voice Australia, Greg Bondar.

The fact that Prime Minister Albanese is marching ‘at the front’ of the gay Mardi Gras has sealed the outcome of the Australian Law Reform Commission’s (ALRC) review of religious exemptions for educational institutions. Any submissions made or being made by Christian schools/institutions, individuals, or mums and dads concerned about the future of Christian education will make their voices on the issue null and void.

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“Will the Prime Minister carry the cross on his shoulders at the Easter pageant, or ride with Santa Claus on Christmas eve to his support for Christians?” added Greg Bondar.

Prime Minister please get back to Alice Springs and solve the crime hiatus, address the drastic impact of interest rate rises on families, fix the uncertainty created by the Treasurer on hard-earned retirement savings of mums and dads, or just address the real issues of concern to Australians given that our real GDP is projected by the OECD to grow only by 1.9% in 2023 and 1.6% in 2024.

“Please stop your fake virtue signalling by marching in the ideologically driven gay Mardi Gras and concentrate on the job you were elected to do which is to help families and the economy to prosper,” said Greg Bondar