Hadley Gamble Accuses Jeff Shell of Harassment

In this article, we’ll delve into the details surrounding the sudden departure of NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell, following accusations of sexual harassment by CNBC anchor Hadley Gamble.

Key Takeaways:

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  • Hadley Gamble, a CNBC anchor, accused former NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell of sexual harassment and sex discrimination.
  • The media conglomerate NBCUniversal has revealed that Shell’s association with the company has ended “with immediate effect” due to an inquiry into “improper behavior.”
  • Shell admitted to having an “inappropriate relationship” but did not comment on Gamble’s accusations.
  • Gamble’s lawyer, Suzanne McKie, expressed disappointment over the violation of her client’s privacy.
  • Shell apologized for his conduct and admitted he let his Comcast and NBCUniversal colleagues down.

The Accusation: Gamble’s Lawyer Speaks Out

Hadley Gamble, a renowned CNBC anchor and international correspondent, has brought forth allegations of sexual harassment and sex discrimination against the former NBCUniversal CEO, Jeff Shell. 

Suzanne McKie, Gamble’s attorney, confirmed this on Monday, stating that the investigation into Shell’s behavior stemmed from her client’s complaint.

McKie expressed her disappointment at the public disclosure of Gamble’s name and the violation of her privacy. 

The entertainment news website Deadline was the first to report Gamble’s name in connection with the allegations.

Shell’s Departure and Response

Following the accusations and subsequent investigation, NBCUniversal announced on Sunday that Jeff Shell would be leaving the company with immediate effect. 

Shell acknowledged that they had engaged in an unsuitable relationship with a female employee, but they did not address the particular claims presented by Gamble.

In a statement released on Sunday, Shell apologized for his behavior and admitted to letting down his colleagues at Comcast and NBCUniversal. 

However, he did not directly address the claims made by Gamble and her attorney.

Comcast Investigates and Terminates Shell’s Employment

Upon receiving the complaint against Shell, Comcast Corporation, the parent company of NBCUniversal, hired outside counsel to investigate the allegations. 

The investigation found evidence corroborating the accusations, leading to the termination of Shell’s employment on April 23, 2023.

Comcast submitted a report to the SEC on Monday, declaring that proof was discovered that supported the accusations. 

As a result, on April 23, 2023, the corporation ended Mr. Shell’s job due to his employment contract’s stipulation, with immediate effect.

Comcast has not yet commented on the discrepancy in language used by Shell and Gamble’s lawyer.

Gamble’s Career and Role at CNBC

Hadley Gamble is an experienced journalist who covers energy, geopolitics, and financial markets. 

At present, she hosts the everyday program “Capital Connection” aired from the United Arab Emirates hub of CNBC in the Middle East. 

Gamble’s work has been instrumental in the company’s reporting and analysis of global events and trends.

Jeff Shell’s Tenure as CEO of NBCUniversal

Late in 2019, Jeff Shell was chosen as the new leader of NBCUniversal, replacing Steve Burke as CEO. He officially took on this position in January 2020. 

Before becoming CEO, Shell served as the chairman of the company’s film and entertainment unit.

During his tenure as CEO, Shell oversaw a vast array of media assets, including the Universal Pictures film studio, the Peacock streaming service, and popular cable channels such as Bravo, E!, and the USA Network.

Shell’s time as CEO coincided with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which significantly impacted the entertainment and leisure industries. 

As a result, Shell had to navigate the challenges of managing Universal theme parks and movie theaters, which were forced to shut down for several months.


The abrupt departure of NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell, following accusations of sexual harassment and sex discrimination by CNBC anchor Hadley Gamble, has raised several questions regarding Shell’s conduct and the differences in language used by Shell and Gamble’s attorney. 

As the investigation into these allegations continues to unfold, both the media company and its employees will need to navigate the ramifications of this high-profile case.


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