Harvard Professor Sentenced to House Arrest and Fines for Hiding China Ties, Foreign Bank Account

The DOJ’s now-ended China initiative sees one of its most high-profile sentences yet. A former Harvard scientist is headed for house arrest after six felony counts for hiding his ties to a Chinese university. He worked with the institute through Beijing’s infamous Thousand Talents program, later admitting aspirations for a Nobel prize.

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Topics in this episode:

  1. Harvard Prof. Sentenced to House Arrest, Fines for Hiding China Ties, Foreign Bank Account
  2. Rapper Found Guilty of Helping China Influence U.S.
  3. Chinese Nationals Smuggled into the U.S.; Mother, Son Risked Lives to Cross Southern Border
  4. Record High Number of Chinese People Crossing U.S. Southern Border, Mainly Young Men
  5. China Formally Arrests Taiwan Activist
  6. Exposed: Whistleblower Secretly Convicted in China
  7. Woman Chants ‘Down with the CCP’ at Tiananmen
  8. Beijing May Have Issues Dealing with AI: Experts
  9. China’s Role in N. Korea’s Rising Nuclear Arms: Fisher


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