Hour-by-hour Met Office bank holiday weekend forecast

The Met Office said many people will experience bright and warm conditions, reaching up to 20 or 21C in southern areas.

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But people looking to bask in the sun may be left disappointed with thunderstorms expected across parts of the country.

By Monday, drier conditions will develop from the west, with showers concentrated across eastern areas.

High pressure through the early part of next week is likely to keep the number of showers down, and early predictions for next weekend suggest a mixture of sunshine and showers for the coronation in London, with temperatures expected to reach 17-20C.

Here is the hour-by-hour forecast for today

12pm – Sunny 13°C

1pm – Sunny 15°C

2pm – Sunny  16°C

3pm – Sunny  17°C

4pm – Sunny intervals 17°C

5pm – Cloudy 18°C

6pm – Sunny intervals 18°C

7pm – Sunny intervals 16°C

8pm – Sunny intervals 15°C

9pm – Partly cloudy 14°C

10pm – Clear night 13°C

Here is the hour-by-hour forecast for tomorrow 

7am – Sunny intervals 9°C

8am – Sunny 10°C

9am – Sunny 12°C

10am – Sunny 14°C

11am – Sunny intervals 15°C

12pm – Cloudy 16°C

1pm – Cloudy 17°C

2pm – Cloudy 17°C

3pm – Cloudy 17°C

4pm – Cloudy 18°C

5pm – Cloudy 17°C

6pm – Cloudy 16°C

7pm  – Cloudy 15°C

8pm – Cloudy 15°C

9pm – Cloudy 14°C

10pm – Cloudy 13°C

Here is the forecast in full 


Early mist, low cloud and fog gradually clearing, leaving spells of strong sunshine for many places. An isolated heavy afternoon shower may develop across northern areas, most places remain dry. Feeling warmer than of late. Winds light and variable. Maximum temperature 19 °C.


Dry with long clear periods, and very light winds, allowing patchy mist and fog to form. Becoming chilly in rural locations. Minimum temperature 2 °C.


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Chance of isolated showers across western areas, mainly across Hampshire. Otherwise dry with spells of strong sunshine and feeling warm, once early mist, fog or low cloud clears. Maximum temperature 18 °C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Monday sunny intervals and scattered showers, some possibly heavy with thunder. Tuesday and Wednesday dry with sunny spells, once any overnight mist, fog or low cloud clears. Warm.

Senior operations meteorologist Marco Petagna said: “We are stuck between an area of high pressure to the north east of the UK and lower pressure to the west.

“Warm air from the Atlantic has brought a lot of moisture too which will help trigger showers.

“We are looking at potentially heavy and thundery showers on Saturday in Northern Ireland, north west England and Wales which will tend to ease going into the evening.

“In those areas we could see some of the warmest sunshine away from the showers with temperatures in the mid to high teens.

“It’s certainly not a heat wave, but it’s a spell of some warmer weather.”



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