Is OPPO abolishing its TV business line?

Is OPPO abolishing its TV business line?

The personnel of the IoT (Internet of Things, Internet of Things, abbreviated as IoT) business group at OPPO has recently been optimised and changed, according to news from IT House on February 22, as reported by Tech Planet. A 30% reduction has been applied to the year-end bonus. The business line for China TV will be eliminated.

Tech Planet asked OPPO for confirmation on this matter, and the other party replied, “Thank you for your attention, the business is running normally, and the relevant rumors are not true”.

According to reports, some suppliers said that since two weeks ago, the cooperative business with OPPO has entered the rhythm of only delivery and no production.

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This is also OPPO’s timely adjustment to the business. The TV business is really not doing very well. Some OPPO personnel told Tech Planet, “I feel that my company is the biggest customer. In the past, the conference room of the building used the company’s (made) TV.”

IT House browsed the OPPO official website and found that OPPO currently has K9 series, S1, R1 and other smart TV products. Although there are not many models, it is also continuing to launch new products. The latest product will be released in October 2022.

According to reports, OPPO’s “IoT business group” is responsible for its own profits and losses as an independent business group.