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On the evening of April 18, the Mi 13 Ultra flagship phone was officially released and will go on sale at 10:00 am on April 21, of which 12+256GB is priced at 5,999 yuan, 16+512GB is priced at 6,499 yuan, and 16GB+1TB is priced at 7,299 yuan , the professional video package is priced at 799 yuan alone. IT Home has obtained the Mi 13 Ultra professional photography kit, and now it brings you a warm unboxing photo tour.

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The Mi 13 Ultra professional photography kit is huge, because in addition to the mobile phone, there are also a series of luxurious accessories such as a technological nano-skin protective case, a 67mm adapter ring, a wireless camera handle, a lens cap, and two black soft filters. A special LFI issue documenting photographers’ photography works with Xiaomi mobile phones, and a commemorative card.

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The mobile phone box in the set contains a 90W charger, a data cable, a card pin for the manual, and a black plain leather protective case.

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The Mi 13 Ultra mobile phone is available in three colors: olive green, black, and white. It uses the second-generation nanotechnology leather and the Unibody metal frame body. IT House got the white version. Mi 13 Ultra is a purely “image-driven design” mobile phone, as long as you get a real phone, you can truly feel this. For example, the design of the super-large circular imaging module continues on the back, with four cameras arranged in sequence, and the Leica logo in the middle.

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The middle frame adopts a flat design, but the metal middle frame extends to both sides of the rear shell, connecting with the plain leather part, which is highly recognizable.

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At the same time, a slope line transition is added to the entire image module area of ​​Mi 13 Ultra, and the whole machine presents a “thick-thin” stepped aesthetic from top to bottom.

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The plain leather part uses the “second-generation technology nano-skin” material, which has a slight damping feeling, a delicate touch, and is very skin-friendly, and the whole machine also supports IP68 dustproof and waterproof.

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It can be said that Mi 13 Ultra is a mobile phone with image-driven design, and all its designs are entirely for the image.

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The measurements of Mi 13 Ultra are 163.18×74.64×9.06mm, and the weight reaches 227g. After all, it is the top video flagship, and this weight is worthy of the name. The screen of Mi 13 Ultra also has a lot to say. This annual flagship is equipped with the first domestically produced 2K LTPO screen, which was jointly developed by TCL Huaxing and Xiaomi, and uses the latest generation of C7 luminescent materials.

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In terms of specifications, it includes a 6.73-inch 2K large screen with 3200×1440 high resolution, HDR screen peak brightness up to 2600nits, TCL Huaxing’s latest generation EL packaging structure, 15% optimized viewing angle experience, support for smooth switching of 1-120Hz frequency conversion, and more. In addition, it also supports low-brightness 1920Hz PWM dimming, high-brightness DC dimming, new professional primary color mode (based on CIE2015 color space calibration), etc.

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In terms of parameters, the machine is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile processing platform, LPDDR5X memory, UFS 4.0 flash memory, adopts ring cooling pump for heat dissipation, supports IP68 dustproof and waterproof, built-in 5000mAh battery, supports 90W wired seconds charging, 50W Pro wireless seconds Charging, 10W wireless reverse charging.

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In terms of imaging, the machine uses a 50MP rear main camera (Sony IMX989, OIS, f / 1.9-f / 4.0 aperture two-stop variable) + 50MP ultra-wide-angle (Sony IMX858, f / 1.8) + 50MP portrait telephoto (Sony IMX858, OIS, f/1.8, 3.2X) + 50MP periscope telephoto (Sony IMX858, OIS, f/3.0, 5X), second-generation Leica Color Science, new street shooting mode, Leica custom image quality, camera The module can be connected to a 67mm filter through an adapter ring.

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