It is reported that Apple iPadOS 17 will have new features such as a new Stage Manager and a customizable lock screen interface

News from IT House on April 30th, @analyst941 said that Apple ipadOS 17 will include some notable changes for iPad users, with new features like a new Stage Manager feature and a customizable lock screen:

– External monitor supports webcam

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– Audio output source setting

– Support for multiple audio/video source transfers when Stage Manager is turned on

– Adjustable size Dock (external monitor)

– iPad sleep display; external monitor always on

The whistleblower is iphone Some of the details of the 14 Pro’s Smart Island were correctly predicted before it was released, but IT Home believes that until such revelations are further confirmed, they should be treated with skepticism.

The leaker also said that Apple is working on a “special iPadOS 17” for the rumored larger iPad. Sources such as Ross Young have previously said that Apple is working on a 14.1-inch iPad that could launch sometime this year or early 2024, and a 16-inch model is even rumored to be in the works.

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A “special edition” of iPadOS 17 will reportedly support two 6K resolution 60Hz refresh rate displays, but the source didn’t provide further details about the update.

In addition, as part of iPadOS 17, Apple is also preparing to bring “all features” of iPhone lock screen customization to iPad, such as preferences for the clock position on the iPad lock screen.

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