It is reported that Apple will launch the Apple Watch Ultra with MicroLED screen in the second half of 2025

According to news from IT House on April 28, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman (Mark Gurman) said in January this year,Apple will launch an Apple Watch Ultra with a MicroLED screen in 2024.

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Ross Young (Ross Young), CEO of DSCC, a screen supply chain consulting company, previously believed that Apple would release the watch in 2025. In the latest paid tweet for subscribers only,He narrowed the time frame again to the second half of 2025.

Note from IT Home: Although Ross Young’s breaking news is usually more accurate from the perspective of the supply chain,But still 1-2 years away from product launchdelays in design, component procurement, manufacturing, etc.May affect the release and sale of this watch.

Analyst Jeff Pu said in a research note for Haitong International Securities that the new high-end Apple Watch could feature a larger 2.1-inch Micro-LED display, which would be larger than the current Apple Watch with an OLED display. The screen brightness will increase. This watch is likely to be a new version of the Apple Watch Ultra that Apple launched last September.

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