Lenovo launches the rescuer cooling deck: 60W TEC cooling, priced at 799 yuan

According to news from IT House on April 28, Lenovo launched a savior cooling deck for its savior gaming notebook, which uses TEC semiconductor cooling technology. The current price is 799 yuan, and it has not yet been officially launched for sale.

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IT Home sorts out the rescuer heat dissipation deck parameter information as follows:

  • Dual TEC cooling engine, active cooling

  • Optimize the air duct environment of the whole machine and improve the heat dissipation performance

  • Compatible with the air inlet of the Rescue gaming laptop, providing cold air below room temperature

  • 60W high power TEC cooling engine

  • The innovative structure of independent cold and hot dual air ducts quickly removes the heat from the hot end of the TEC cooling sheet

  • All copper vapor chamber, 100CFM fan air volume

  • The heat dissipation deck has a built-in “cornflower blue” light strip, and a little bit of soft light shines through the grille

JingdongRescuer TEC Cooling Deck Base42799 yuandirect link
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