Microsoft Outlook Android/iOS will support Multi-Factor Authenticator feature

Microsoft Outlook Android/iOS will support Multi-Factor Authenticator feature

According to news from IT House on March 11, according to a new entry in the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Microsoft plans to add new non-email-related features to the Outlook application on mobile devices. Dubbed “Authenticator Lite,” the feature will allow users to log into their work or school accounts without downloading another app.

Authenticator Lite Authenticator feature allows users to complete multi-factor authentication for their work or school accounts using the Outlook app on iOS or Android devices.

Multi-Factor Authentication (IT Home Note: MFA stands for Multi-Factor Authentication) is a fundamental security feature that helps customers protect their online identities by adding an extra layer of protection. MFA requires two or more forms of authentication—for example, one-time passwords, physical security keys, SMS text message verification, and more—before granting access to a specific account.

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Microsoft already offers dedicated Authenticator apps for iOS and Android, and they’re available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. But millions of Outlook users will be able to enhance the security of their accounts without downloading additional software. Microsoft says “Authenticator Lite” will be generally available on Android and iOS in March 2023.

Despite their simplicity, multi-factor authenticators are considered by many users to be cumbersome solutions. Integrating MFA functionality into Outlook will help make multi-factor authentication easier and more accessible.