NYC wants your help finding double parking hot spots so it can establish where to build new delivery truck loading zones

If you see a double-parked truck or other delivery vehicle blocking cars or bikes, say something — it could help the city figure out where to build dedicated loading zones.

A new city Transportation Department website — — lets New Yorkers drop a virtual pin on a map of the city to identify a place where trucks and other vehicles block traffic in order to load or unload goods.

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“We want New Yorkers to help us pin down double parking and blocked bus and bike lanes across our city,” DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez said in a statement to be issued Wednesday.

The site directs users to report locations where there are vehicles loading cargo or passengers in a bike lane, bus lane, of general “travel lane,” as well as frequent double parking.

A DOT spokesman said that the information will not be used for enforcement — the department has no enforcement wing and parking summonses are issued by the NYPD. But the information will help the agency determine what neighborhoods are in need of additional designated loading zones.

“If there are hotspots, then that helps us understand, ‘OK, there’s something going on here that we should look into,’” the spokesman said.

A cyclist negotiates a truck double-parked in a bike lane on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.

There are 7,855 designated curbside loading zones citywide. Of those, 5,429 are for truck loading, 2,055 are metered spots for commercial vehicles, and 371 are so-called neighborhood loading zones to facilitate residential deliveries and loading of personal vehicles.

The DOT has announced plans to install 1,000 more such zones throughout the city by the end of 2024, in an effort to cut down on congestion caused by trucks and other delivery vehicles blocking bus stops, bike lanes and car traffic.

Those locations will be decided with the input of public comment, the Transportation Department spokesman said, which will include the information flagged on the map.


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