Patriotic-themed Public Square business service to move headquarters from California to Florida

Public Square announced Wednesday that the patriotic-themed business service will be moving its headquarters from California to Florida. 

“I am very excited to announce today that we are moving the @officialpsq headquarters from California to Florida,” Public Square founder Michael Seifert tweeted. 

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Seifert said he’s moving the company because the state doesn’t align with its business principles, putting much of the blame on Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“Newsom is planning an 87% tax on investors to fund his woke government currently pushing for ESGs, reparations, and gender madness,” he said. “We simply refuse to keep operating in a state so antithetical to our values. It’s overburdensome and we’re done with it.”

Public Square describes itself as “America’s Marketplace.” The service, started two years ago in San Diego, promotes businesses that support conservative values and outlets such as Fox News and the Babylon Bee.

Seifert said that they were looking forward to moving. 

“We are going to take our business to a state with a government that cares about growing companies like ours instead of punishing them,” he also said. “A state run by people who actually have common sense instead of certifiable insanity. Sunshine State. Here we come.”


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