Readers sound off on Musk vs. Taibbi, vasectomy mandates and alien intervention

Astoria: Everyone should be watching the Peon Musk and door-Matt Taibbi breakup going on at Twitter. It’s delightful!

In these dark times, where (un)civil wars are everywhere we turn, it’s refreshing to see a war between two different con men — shapeshifter opportunists who are both nepo-babies who were born rich, so they have no connection to the real world. They have no empathy for the middle class or poor, and no fear when they’re caught lying to us over and over. Both Musk and Taibbi are now calling each other liars after saying each other was honest, ha ha. So either they’re liars or else they’re liars.

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Seeing these hypocritical right-wingers beat each other up is the most fun I’ve had since watching hypocritical right-wingers beat each other up on Jan. 6!

Forget TikTok. Musk should rebrand Twitter and call it “FlipFlop”! He promised free speech, but Twitter is censoring more of us than ever before. Musk always changes his story. I recommend every earthling watch Elon Musk on Bill Maher last week. You will see what a blubbering man-child Musk is. And, sadly, you’ll see what a sycophant millionaire Maher is.

I’m a lifelong liberal, and my story hasn’t changed since I was a boy and believed in equality and honesty. And I never trusted money or people with a lot of it. It’s worse than meth by a mile! Sean T. Sabelli

Manhattan: The best show on TV only lasts for, l’d say, two and a half minutes every Friday on the “CBS Evening News.” Steve Hartman’s “On The Road” is by far No. 1. Raymond McEaddy

Hempstead, L.I.: To Voicer Robert Perlberg: Good one! Thanks! Leslie Feldman

Highland Falls: Concerning the article on the child on the Metro-North railroad tracks near Tarrytown (“Metro-North crew saves boy, 3, wandering on W’chester tracks,” April 28), why no mention of how he got there and no mention of neglect on the parents’ part? Michael Kennedy

Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.: I read Leonard Greene’s column about Ed Sheeran and Marvin Gaye (“I think Sheeran did steal from Gaye; it’s not the 1st such case,” column, April 30). Greene is not a music or science expert. Hopefully, technology and experts can resolve this. What concerns me is that Greene may be “blurring lines” by injecting race into the controversy. That is his prerogative, but it may muddy the waters. Also, sadly, it reminds me of Donald Trump’s claim that his last election was stolen. It wasn’t, was it? Let us rely on the real data, science and numbers to resolve our dilemmas. Our opinions are just that; but some carry more weight. Before Greene sings out his opinion, let us pause and wait for the musicologists to weigh in. Steven Goldfinger

Milford, Conn.: I have read several letters from men castigating women for having abortions and suggesting that the procedure be legally prohibited. A casual observation leads me to believe that women are not the cause of this problem. And, with tongue firmly implanted in cheek, I would like to propose a modest solution: All males, at puberty, are given a vasectomy, reversible after marriage with written permission from their wife. Think of the many benefits. Reduced male immigration. Come to America, get cut. Brian Smith

Manhattan: May 11 is the day to expect thousands of migrants in homeless camps in Mexico to come over the border into the U.S. Many will end up on a bus to NYC, adding to the $4 billion cost to city taxpayers that Mayor Adams is already forecasting. His generous migrant benefits package of free hotels, apartments, Medicaid, cash assistance, etc. make NYC the new international refugee center of the world. The problem is that Adams was not elected on such a radical woke agenda. I pray that this inept and incompetent mayor is voted out of office come the end of his first term. Patricia Clark


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Brooklyn: Were the migrants tested for COVID when they got off the buses? Were they mandated to take the vaccine? This city has enough to deal with — the mentally ill, the homeless, guns everywhere and shootings every day! Enough already, turn the buses around! Linda Guidice

Bronx: To Voicer Gary Butler, who claimed religion “is a weapon used by the elite to control the poor”: “Treat others as you want to be treated and we’ll all be a lot better off” is simply a rephrasing of “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” (Luke 6:31). You ended your criticism of belief in God with a biblical quote, which rendered the points that preceded it moot. Daniela Delmas

Manhattan: Again, Russian air strikes on Friday in cities across Ukraine, including Kyiv, leaving 25 dead, including six children, in an attack that hit an entire block of 10 apartment houses in Uman. A central city, Uman had been largely spared Russian attacks. This time, a nine-story apartment building partially collapsed after being hit by a missile. All this as people slept. Hours later, rescuers could be seen retrieving belongings. Is there not one person in this world, on this planet, who can shout, “Enough, Mr. Putin, you have done enough. Have you no sense of decency?!” James A. Fragale

Chicago: As an occasional viewer of “Ancient Aliens,” I’ve always been intrigued with the theory that every once in a while, a genius has been dropped off at the doorstep of mankind. The idea helps explain why someone like Leonardo da Vinci or Albert Einstein could be so far advanced in their thinking. While earthlings of their time were struggling just to keep up with the latest changes in their day to day lives, Leo and Al were inventing flying machines and submarines and calculating the beginning and end of time with amazing accuracy. One thing does bother me, though: If these aliens are brilliant enough to navigate the cosmos for the benefit of all humanity, why can’t they take the next logical step and depart with some of our biggest trouble-makers? Think of how all our lives might improve without another tweet or soundbite coming from Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson or Marjorie Taylor Greene. Bob Ory

Staten Island: To Voicer Sarah Alboher: Yes, President Biden is old (as I am) but his many years of life have not helped him make quality decisions. His “fire in the basement” has the smoke clouding his head to make great decisions. Our economy is the No. 1 failure, our open border is failure No. 2 and gun control is failure No. 3, and last but not least, picking Vice President Kamala Harris is a failure. I can go on but it would be senseless. The next election is critical for our country. Just maybe, without Presidents Biden or Trump, we will have a chance to get better. Thomas Bell

Bronx: Being of a certain age myself, Biden’s age is not the problem. It is his malfunctioning brain. Mary Caggiano

Somers, N.Y.: Dear Voicer Amy Campbell-Oates, I sincerely wish you will vote in the next presidential election. While you may be somewhat disillusioned with the Biden presidency, and as you said, both Trump and Ron DeSantis are “awful people,” one of them will likely be the next president. If you sit out the election, you are leaving that choice to others. That makes you feel good because it goes against your morals to vote for Biden? Voting is one of our most important rights in America. In the original Constitution, only white males 21 or older could vote. Through hard-fought changes, women, Blacks and others now have voting rights. And to this day, voting rights are still being challenged in some states. So you don’t want any of the candidates to be president, but someone will be. Sitting out an election may make you feel better but it accomplishes nothing. Michael Gold


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