Republican Senators advise Energy Secretary Granholm to refuse the proposed prohibition on gas stoves.

Thirteen Republican senators are urging Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to reject a proposal before her agency that they say would “effectively ban” gas stove.

Among those singing the letter are are Sens. Ted Cruz, of Texas, and Roger Marshall, of Kansas.

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In February, the agency proposed a rule to impose energy-consumption standards on gas appliances.

If enacted, half of the nation’s gas stoves reportedly would fail to meet the new standards, which the senators say would be “detrimental to our economy.”

They also argued such a change would deprive Americans of “the freedom to choose the type of appliance that best suits their needs.”

The letter also asks Granholm to “work towards more reasonable, market-driven solutions” to be energy efficient and “protect the interests of the American people,” amid concerns that lower-income Americans will not be able to afford an electric one.

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