Screenshots of Apple’s iOS 17 new wallet and health app leaked

According to news from IT House on April 29, according to foreign technology media MacRumors, based on @analyst941 tweet content,Shared screenshots of Apple’s new iOS 17 wallet and health app.

wallet app

In the iOS 17 wallet app, there is a new navigation bar at the bottom, withCards, Cash, Keys, IDs and OrdersFive options.

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The main features of the wallet application are as follows:

  • Swipe down to search

  • Sort tags based on user needs

  • There is a dedicated tab for Apple Cash / Saving services similar to “Balance Pack”

  • Added “All Transactions” button

Health application:

Analyst941 claims that Apple will redesign the “Favorites” section under “Summary”,card interface. Each card has “visual data,” including “color charts,” “tables,” and other information.

format,f auto

Since the Summary tab in the Health app also includes trends and highlights, it’s unclear how Apple will adjust the layout.

Note from IT Home: Analyst941 has accurately disclosed the characteristics of Smart Island, and the credibility is relatively high. But Apple actually releases iOS / ipadBefore the OS 17 update, the above revelations are for reference only.

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