Senate Report Finds 2 Wuhan Lab Leaks

Where did COVID-19 really come from? A Senate report is shining the spotlight on Wuhan’s infamous virology lab, concluding there could have been not one, but two virus leaks. But key data points are still missing, and the U.S. intelligence community is holding back. Meanwhile, Beijing is firmly denying the lab leak theory.

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Topics in this episode:

  1. Senate Report Finds Two Wuhan Lab Leaks
  2. U.s. Arrests Two for Chinese Police Station in NY
  3. Uyghur Lawyer Condemns Chinese Police Outposts
  4. China Uses Embassies to Target Dissidents: Former Chinese Diplomat on Beijing’s Tools
  5. Montana Governor Weighs in on TikTok Ban
  6. U.S. Sends Soldiers to Train Taiwan Troops: Report
  7. Beijing Denounces U.S., Netherlands, Taiwan, G7
  8. China Smartphone Sales Take 70%+ of Russian Market
  9. China and Russia Will Fill in Middle East Vacuum the U.S. Left Behind: Lightstone


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