“Small lock” exits the stage, Google Chrome browser will enable a new security icon in September

IT House reported on May 3 that Google plans to conduct a large-scale repair of the Chrome browser in September this year.The “lock” icon used to display HTTPS links in the address bar will completely disappear from the stage of history.

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The content of some blog posts translated by IT Home is as follows:

When HTTPS is not yet fully popular, the “small lock” icon allows users to more intuitively understand the additional protection provided by HTTPS.

Fast forward to today, HTTPS is ubiquitous, so improvements to the Chrome browser have to be made accordingly.

Despite our best efforts, our 2021 research revealed that only 11% of study participants correctly understood what the “lock” icon exactly meant.

Almost all phishing sites use HTTPS, and if the “little lock” icon continues to be displayed, confusion and misunderstanding can arise.

Many organizations, including the FBI, have issued clear guidelines that a “lock” icon is not a sign that a website is safe.

Google plans to use the “tune” icon to replace the “lock” icon in September of this year.This new design is intended to be a “neutral indicator”also implying that “Security should be the default state in Chrome”.

google projectIn Chrome 117, released in early September 2023in addition to the redesign using the Material You language,Officially switching to the new “tune” icon.

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IT Home Note: Interested users can also visit in the Chrome browser chrome://flags#chrome-refresh-2023you will see the new “tune” icon after enabling it.

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