Tapping The Back of Your Phone, Best iPhone Feature you should start using

Tapping The Back of Your Phone, Best iPhone Feature you should start using

Do you know you can do a lot more with your iPhone? Like tapping the back for amazing features not found in other smartphones? Yes, it is called Back Tap and we are going to explain how it works and how to set it up.

In iOS 14, Apple unveiled the accessibility feature known as Back Tap for the iPhone. By merely tapping the back of your phone, you may rapidly carry out some operations, such as capturing a screenshot or accessing your camera. In essence, it converts your iPhone’s entire rear into a button.

For all types of people, this is a significant advantage. By turning on Back Tap, I was able to use it as a configurable button to instantly turn on the iPhone flashlight. I’ll explain exactly how to set it up for yourself, and of course, you may modify Back Tap to initiate different processes.

The process through your iPhone settings starts the same way whether you wish to link Back Tap with your flashlight, or camera, or open a different iPhone app.

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On your compatible iPhone (iPhone 8 or later), launch the Settings application and go to Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap. Now you have the option to launch your action (in this case, your flashlight) with either two or three taps. Although two taps is obviously faster, I would suggest three taps because if you fidget with your phone, it’s easy to accidentally trigger the accessibility feature.

After selecting a tap choice, Select Flashlight or another action if you’d prefer. There are more than 30 options available to you, ranging from system features like Siri or screenshotting to accessibility-specific options like launching a magnifier or activating real-time live captions. Back Tap can also be configured to launch the Control Center, return to the previous screen, mute your audio, adjust the level, and launch any downloaded or generated shortcuts.

When a blue checkmark appears to the right of your pick, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision. This allows you to create two shortcuts: one that is activated by two taps and the other by three taps on the iPhone’s rear cover.

The newly enabled Back Tap functionality may be tested out by tapping the back of your iPhone after leaving the Settings programme; in my instance, this activated the flashlight. You can press on the iPhone’s back to turn off the flashlight as well, but if it’s simpler, you can just do it from the lock screen.