TCL Huaxing showcases the latest 15.6-inch notebook screen: supports 120Hz hand touch and 240Hz pen touch

IT House reported on April 28 that at the 2023 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE 2023), TCL CSOT showcased the latest 15.6-inch ultra-thin high-definition In-Cell touch laptop display.

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The parameters of the latest 15.6-inch laptop display of TCL CSOT attached to IT Home are as follows:

This product applies TCL Huaxing In-Cell touch technology,Support 120Hz hand touch and 240Hz pen touch, can realize the free switching between ten-finger touch and active pen, replace the mouse and keyboard to operate on the screen, perfectly match the professional design requirements, and greatly improve the interactive experience. In terms of screen form, TCL CSOT In-Cell technology integrates the touch sensor into one screen, which can effectively reduce the cost increase and module thickness increase caused by the external CTP, making the overall screen look thinner and more fashionable.

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TCL CSOT also showcased a 17-inch IGZO printed OLED folding display. Officially,This product adopts self-luminous inkjet printing OLED technology, combined with new Oxide compensation circuit technology, bright and vivid colors, and a wide range of product applications; compatible with foldable NoteBook, Pad, Monitor and other multi-functional forms, it can realize multi-functional scene applications, and users can easily switch between foldable screen and straight screen mode according to their own needs. In addition, the screen supports the smart split-screen function. In the split-screen mode, users can realize multi-tasking and work collaboratively on the same interface, thereby reducing operating costs and improving work efficiency. For example, the user can use one screen as a display page, and the other screen as a display keyboard or note recording, so as to achieve both content and interaction.

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