Telegram was fined $200,000 a day for refusing to provide data to the Brazilian police – small tech news

According to news from IT House on May 1, according to Reuters,Brazilian police asked Telegram to provide data on two groups inciting school violence, to assist in the investigation of the case, but Telegram declined the request. As a result, Telegram was banned across Brazil last week.

A few days ago, Brazilian judge Flávio Lucas changed the sentence for Telegram,$200,000 per day fine for overdue data instead(IT Home Remarks: Currently about 1.386 million RMB).

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According to the New York Times report, a young man was accused of being involved in two local school shootings in Brazil in November last year, resulting in 3 deaths and 13 injuries. The judiciary said they found clips of violence and bomb-making instructions in two Telegram groups. Telegram initially did not provide the data in response to the court’s request,and said both groups had been deleted and the content could not be restored.

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