The action-adventure game “Lost Blade” is on sale, landing on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S platforms

News from IT House on April 20, “Lost Blade” is an action-adventure game developed by Point Blank Games and published by 505 Games. It is officially released today and landed on PC (Steam and Epic), PS5, Xbox Series X|S platform.

As of press release, this game is already in Steam Start the first sale event, after 20% off, it will be 110.40 yuan.

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Lost Blade is an action-adventure game. You will play a rebellious explorer, accompanied by Boggy, to the ancient Akrea Valley, unravel the mysterious history buried in it, master the power of three Akrea metals, and make this war-torn land The land regains its former balance.

In terms of configuration requirements, Steam shows that this game requires at least Intel Core i7-6700, AMD FX-9590-level processors, and AMD Radeon RX 480, Nvidia eForce GTX 1050 Ti-level graphics cards; R5 5600X, i9-9900K + RX are recommended Configuration of 6800 XT, RTX 2070 Super.

about this game

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Prove yourself in this action-adventure game as you explore the mysterious ruins of an ancient civilization while fighting intense battles. Desolate, dilapidated and overgrown with weeds, Acreia in the Lost Valley holds great power. You discovered this forgotten land and died a terrible death. Time flies, you miraculously come back to life, but you paid the price: trapped in this land.

Guided by your trusty companion Boggy, embark on a journey to explore towering palaces and long-lost cities, and restore peace to a devastated, war-torn place. be prepared! As secrets are gradually revealed, you will encounter increasingly deadly enemies and increasingly dangerous worlds. Embark on a journey to experience unforgettable adventures!

main features

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Embark on an unforgettable journey to discover the stories behind Acreia and its ancient relics, and learn how the valley became a place of battle and death. Destroy the remnants of the past and help restore peace to this war-torn valley.

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Change is part of the journey, and every victory leaves its mark on the world. Even if you die, time will continue to pass. Revisit the previous victories and you will feel the world has changed, but be careful! Your challenge will only get harder.

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Combat is very smooth, you can react quickly, strike with precision, predict enemy attacks and react to swords in an instant when you are armed with melee.

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Fight the God-King of the land, destroy its remnants and free the land from the shadows of ancient times. Harness their power and uncover the secrets of Akerea, new areas await you to unlock.

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Adventurers and boggies each have different talent trees. The adventurer is a warrior who gains experience through battles, while Boggy is a craftsman who gains experience by finding fragments of ancient legends.

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The world of Akerea is colorful, with overgrown city ruins, icy caves and winding canyons. You can explore the most hidden corners of the world, or find some rare materials, recipes, weapons and legendary fragments, and every adventure will not return empty-handed.

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