The average selling price of Apple mobile phones in the first quarter was close to US$1,000, and the iPhone 14 Pro became the best-selling model

According to news from IT House on May 3, Apple has achieved surprising results in the first quarter of 2023. The average selling price of its mobile phones has reached 988 US dollars (IT House Note: currently about 6837 yuan), compared with last year. It has grown by 12% over the same period. The figure is also approaching the psychological $1,000 mark,It shows the strong position of Apple mobile phone in the high-end market.

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According to the latest report from market research firm CIRP,iPhone 14 Pro The iPhone and Pro Max are the most popular models of Apple’s phones, accounting for nearly half of all sales. The prices of these two mobile phones are relatively high. In addition, users’ demand for mobile phone storage space is also increasing, leading more people to choose mobile phones with higher capacity, which further increases the average selling price.

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According to CIRP analysts,It’s highly unusual for Apple to deliver an ASP increase in a typically suboptimal quarter. Generally speaking, the average selling price of Apple mobile phones will reach its peak in September and December every year, because there will be new mobile phone releases and holiday promotions at that time. However, Apple has managed to attract more users to buy high-end phones by optimizing its product portfolio and offering rich recycling programs.

According to CIRP, the global second-hand iphone The strong demand in the market also supports the high recycling value of Apple mobile phones. This both lowers the cost of buying a new phone for users and implicitly encourages users to buy higher-end models in the belief that they will hold their value better.

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