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Everyone should be familiar with the “Sword” series! So, what is the strongest weapon in the series?

Xihe, Wangshu, Yanbo Xueren, Wuchen Sword, Liuguang Ancient Sword, Taiyi Poque Sword, Chengying, Wei Ling, Chunzi Sword…there are too many. There will be one or two earth-shattering weapons in almost every generation of works.

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For the players, the most memorable weapons are the magic sword and demon sword that are closely related to the plot.

In the “Sword and Fairy” series, it seems that only “Legend of Sword and Fairy 3” cannot change weapons. The weapons that Sedum can use are either magic swords or demon-suppressing swords, and there are no other redundant options.

Town Demon Sword

In the official novel, this weapon is called “Zhaodan Shenjian”, which is the personal weapon of General Fei Peng. Fuxi, the emperor of heaven, took the soul of Zhaodan Shenquan and fused it with meteorite iron to cast it.

Zhonglou’s wrist knife “Yanbo Blood Blade” is also one of the Jiuquan artifacts. During the period of “Legend of Sword and Fairy 3”, General Fei Peng and Mo Zunlou were not only evenly matched in strength, but also equally divided in weapons.

Unfortunately, General Fei Peng was distracted by the Heavenly Soldiers sent by the Heavenly Emperor to capture him during the battle against Chonglou in the New Immortal Realm, which led to the fall of the Demon Suppressing Sword, thus starting the plot of Xianjian 3.

The first time Jing Tian and others saw the Demon Suppressing Sword was at the bottom of the Demon Locking Tower.

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The Heavenly Demon Emperor was suppressed for who knows how many years, and was finally released by the kid Sedum. But his fate has not been changed.

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After Zhen Yaojian was born again, it was used by Xie Jianxian to do many bad things. Before the final battle, Sedum had to choose between the Demon Sword and the Suppressing Demon Sword, and at the same time was choosing Xue Jian or Solanum nigrum.

If you choose the Suppressing Demon Sword, then you will lose the magic sword skill.

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In “Legend of Sword and Fairy 3 Asking Love”, the Zhenyao Sword appeared again, but it became the toy of Sedum’s son. After the protagonist completed the task, the prodigal son directly gave the Zhenyao Sword out, so Nangong Huang became the new owner of the Zhenyao Sword.

cross demon

In “Legend of Sword and Fairy 5”, Long You’s elder brother Long Ming is the leader of the Yasha clan, and his fighting power is also the strongest in the Yasha clan in the demon world.

Many years ago, Long Ming was looking for water spirit beads in the mysterious land of God’s Descending, and was discovered by the guardian beast Bone Snake at that time. After a great battle, Long Ming, who had no aura of the protagonist, was poisoned by the Bone Snake’s venom.

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In the end, Long Ming used the cross demon lance to forcefully nail the bone snake to the ground and died.

The bone snake is an “ancient poisonous beast”, similar to the first-generation water monster. It is not only powerful in combat, but also immortal. Even after being pinned by the cross demon for many years, he never died.

After Long You and Jiang Yunfan came here, they found this weapon. It was only then that Long You realized that his elder brother had died here many years ago.

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The moment the cross demon lance was pulled up, the sky and the earth changed color. The bone dragon actually came alive again. But this time it was very unlucky, because standing on the opposite side were the royal family of Yasha and the descendants of Nuwa.

Xuanyuan Sword Boy

Back then, many players didn’t understand what the sealed sword in “Xuanyuan Sword 3” was used for. The attack power is not good, and it has no practical value.

It was only after reading the guide many years later that I realized that the Sealing Sword is the strongest weapon after its proficiency is fully trained, and it can be used as a task item to wake up the suppressed Chi You on the “Tianshan”.

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The main villain of “Xuanyuan Sword 3” is Satan, who comes from the West. As the ancient demon god, Chi You felt a little out of place!

On Tianshan Mountain, there are many NPC characters, which directly affect the direction of the plot. One of them, Xuanyuan Sword Boy, asked Seth if he had 17 “sealed swords” so that he could be freed if he had them.

Xuanyuan Jiantong is the scabbard of Xuanyuan Sword, who suppressed Chi You in Tianshan all the year round (Chi You was also miserable, once even the emperor who held Xuanyuan Sword was ignored, but now a scabbard can suppress him).

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After taking out 17 sealed swords, Chi You was unsealed. This guy’s fighting power is No.1 in the game! Satan is not so fierce. If you haven’t got the branch “Doll” task before, you will be very difficult here.

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After defeating Chi You, Xuanyuan Jiantong could finally leave, and it became an important magic weapon of Set. How terrifying is the power?

As shown in the picture:

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Holy Spear of the West

This is the most difficult weapon to obtain in “Youcheng Fantasy Sword Record”, the process is the longest, and it is also the most powerful weapon.

It’s hard to imagine that a weapon needs to be branched from the beginning, and the weapon can’t be obtained until the end of the game!

When entering Lanzhou City for the first time, we will find a mystery guest in a corner, and we can buy a sheepskin seal for 350 money. The interesting thing is that there is no writing on the envelope, after buying it Xia Houyi thought she had been cheated.

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After defeating the black dragon, if you turn over the sheepskin seal at this time, you will find that there are hidden words in it, and then you can go to Yabus and get information about the holy gun at the same time.

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After two-thirds of the plot went to find “Hu Yanchong”, as a tomb robber, he immediately discovered the clue, and found the key point pointed by the sheepskin scroll, which was at the upper left of the ancient beacon tower.

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After entering, I found that the holy gun suppressed the beast: Amalfit

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At this time, Gudrun, who was equipped with the Western Divine Emblem, recognized the weapon, and then pulled it out without caring so much.

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Amalfit was revived on the spot. This guy also appeared in the later stage of “The Knot of the Gods”. He is also the final boss of the underground casino. Although his combat power is strong, he has not yet reached the boss level.

After the battle, you can get the “Rusted Ancient Gun”

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After that, give it to Yabs to help clean it, and it becomes an exotic ancient gun.So far the task has been completed, just wait for the last step: Kaifeng

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In Youjie, I met “Huangfushen” who possessed a wild soul. The blood in his body could just be used to trigger the “Ritual of Power”, and then unsealed the Western Holy Lance.

Gudrun obviously didn’t make a move, but the holy gun dispatched to attack Huangfushen. After sucking blood, he was purified on the spot and became the “western holy gun”. Both Gudrun and Huangfushen were stunned.

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Players of each age are exposed to different games, and the emotions they invest in are also different. In the past, we also chased the latest games, but one day we would stop and look for the lost youth while reminiscing about the classic games.

The Sword in the Stone: Cang Zhen is the most hated person by labor and capital

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For our generation, games are not just a technical thing, but have become a special symbol of an era, integrating our emotional memory and precipitation of the changes of the times.

The old streets were demolished and repaired back then, things are not people, only the game is still as wonderful as it was back then, every frame of the picture, every character, has not faded with the changes of the times, on the contrary, it has become more vivid.

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