Toshiba Mini LED TV Z700 series starts pre-sale, starting at 5999 yuan

IT House News on April 17th, Toshiba TV officially announced that the all-round audio-visual master Mini LED TV Z700 series will start pre-sale at 20:00 on April 17th!

The TV is available in three sizes, the 65-inch model is 5,999 yuan, the 75-inch model is 7,999 yuan, and the 85-inch model is 15,999 yuan.

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In terms of hardware, the Toshiba TV Z700 uses a 4-core A73 architecture processor, supplemented by a BR auditory perception chip, supports 4K 144Hz display, is equipped with 4GB+64GB storage, supports 2.4/5G dual-band WIFI, and 2 full-blooded versions of HDMI2 .1 Interface.

Z700 continues the audio and video advantages of Toshiba TV 7 series products, and adopts a new generation of high-end Mini LED display solution. Compared with the traditional Mini LED solution, Toshiba TV Z700 backlight single lamp bead is reduced by 96%, but the brightness of a single lamp is the same as that of ordinary Mini LED. 4 times that of lamp beads.

Toshiba TV Z700’s Mini LED full-matrix backlight partitions are also very good. The number of full-matrix partitions in 65/75/85 sizes is 384/512/1296 respectively. Through the distributed light control chip architecture with four zones and one drive, it can Realize fine control of backlight partition.

In addition, the Z700 is also equipped with a 5-unit rocket launcher sound system. Compared with the sound structure under the traditional TV, it has more side surround and submersible subwoofer. At present, this TV has been pre-sold, and interested users can check the details through the link below IT House.

JingdongToshiba TV 85Z700MF 16799 yuan after couponReceive 200 yuan voucher
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